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right now.

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quality hangouts the last 7 days with each and every one of my closest loved ones


 new black levi super skinnys


really good nights out lately


the sunshine today


a very helpful d & m last night


listening to joy division


a recent epiphany


finally being emotionally ready to get ‘back in the game’


empty house





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winter is coming ,
change is in the air.

i’m in need of some life cleansing, as things are too stagnant.
i need to get rid of some things to make way for the new.

when i get into these ruts i start to start pushing people to extremes.
i like to gauge their limits.

i need to be busy and in some kind of routine,
to minimise the overanalysing,
but i’m also addicted to change.

change scares the fuck out of me,
but its this thrill of the new that i get out of bed for everyday.