this situation arising is sitting on a lot of if’s… yet here i go.

if i ever find a boy who likes me enough to get married and have children, and i have a girl, i am going to call her Matilda.

firstly, i like the name. it sounds gentle and precious.

secondly, the roald dahl book (and the movie which goes on the same name) are about a girl with amazing powers who overcomes obstacles. a wonderful cinderella story about a girl with inner strength.

if i have a daughter i want her to grow up with inner strength and a positive outlook on life,
no matter what life throws at her.


4 Responses to “matilda.”

  1. Oh I love this book/movie!

    Matilda is such a smart girl and isn’t afraid to dream 🙂
    I am inspired by her independent ways and how when she puts her mind to it, she can achieve pretty much anything.

  2. yes exactly!

    gosh over the last week and a bit, a few things have happened and i feel like my perspective has changed a lot.

    i guess she’s just adding to the fact i need to stop taking things for granted and look around me/ smell the roses hehe.

  3. Aww I love Matilda and Roald Dahl. I read The Magic Finger so many times when I was little and couldn’t sleep. But yeah, I liked this blog. Matilda is a good name.

  4. yay for roald dahl and childrens stories 🙂
    i used to be obsessed with danny the champion of the world.

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