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mim, kate and i at presets last night.
mim and i jumping up and down to “my people” holding hands.
such a lovely last memory to stay with me while i am away.


my week, my life.

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aside from friends, partying and music which gains many blogs,
here is what fills up and aids me doing what i want with the rest of my life:

my laptop:

my phone:


clothes and mess:

vice do’s & don’ts, 1392.

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yummmmmyyyy (N)


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has such an amazing effect on my moods.
wow i have been so happy today and all i can attribute it to is the sunshine shining through my window all day.

the result of some productive photobucket lurking at work the other day:

new leggings.

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yesterday mim and had lunch in degraves and did some shopping, before i went to work.
it was so nice to just have a day hanging out and not feel guilty,
like i should be studying or anything.

i got these:

so i think i will wear them to the teenagers on friday.
fuck, i’m so excited to see them.

i had such a fun weekend –
saturday and sunday just went to 3rd,
but it was just chilled and i felt really comfortable.

today i was feeling really….squirmish?!
hmmm maybe restless would be a better word.

but tonight i went to the gym for 2 hours and feel really happy now.
i think i’ll go to bed soon so i can fit lots into my day tomorrow.
i’m craving a good savers session.


harpers bazaar.

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I am so content with life right now.
I am at real estate work, I finished everything I had to do so I’m sipping a coffee and reading Harpers Bazaar. 
This is making me excited about overseas – simple moments like these which make me appreciate being alive.
I cannot wait to sit in Venice, sipping lattes and watching the citizens of the city pass by,
or in Sweden – observing the effortless style of the Swedish which at the moment I can only observe on blogs.
I have been an avid reader of Harpers Bazaar for about 3 years. During this time i have maybe missed 2 or 3 issues, when school/uni has got busy. Yet when I hop back onto my “harpers the first Wednesday of each month” horse, I remember why I love it so much.
Trawling through the pages of wonderfully crafted articles, divine clothes and worldwide perspectives motivates me to work hard at uni. It makes me determined to gain a good job – in these times a “good job” is defined as working for a company with ethical and socially responsible practices, having motivating people around you who illustrate the theory of synergy (more can be done in a team, than by the same number of people working alone) and yes, satisfying remuneration for the hard work I put into my career.
Harpers bazaar fuels much of my motivation, and it lets me put visuals against some of my goals in life.
Not only materialistically, but also travel and career wise.
It is a lifestyle magazine, as well as showcasing up and coming designer fashion.
Well, from next month they will have a new editor – Jamie Huckbody – a man who’s writing and features I have always enjoyed since being a reader of HB.
I guess everything is changing, and all i can feel is excitement at being immersed in the new HB.

blinded by the lights.

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fuck caring about the little things.
i’m taking on this new state of mind, i refuse to let it be a phase.