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italy, and home!

Posted in europe, travel with tags , , , on July 29, 2008 by Chloe Partikas

in rome we went on a open air bus tour around the city.
saw the collusseum, st peters, vatican city etc.
the more time i spent in that city the more i loved it.
there is just something about how old and established everything is which makes it somewhat magical.

on tuesday we went to the isle of capri – off the coast of naples.
it is an island of dreams – pure luxury and so picturesque.
we spent 3 days there relaxing ( a welcome change from walking so much and sightseeing like the rest of the trip had been) – swimming and shopping, and we went on a boat cruise around the island which was one of my faviourite things out of the whole holidays.

on friday we returned to rome.
i must say – naples has the craziest drivers out of all of italy.
its like a giant traffic jam!

friday night we went and walked around the collusseum as the sun was setting, and took lots of photos. then just had a big stroll around rome, went to an art market etc.

saturday i went to a flea market and got lots of clothes etc for so cheap!
then that evening the journey home began.


progress through distance & strangers.

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some people have negatively surprised me whilst ive been away. i now know who the people are who actually care about me. i know which ones are the kind of friendships that arent just convienience friendships, as our friendships compliment each others lives.

i dont hate americans anymore, only the ones who dont leave their country and who believe america is the only valid place in the world. i have met some great americans over the last few weeks, and had a few really deep conversations which have added to my constantly changing perspective on the world.

i met a lady in the laundremat in berlin. she was about 70, bright red hair and never married. instead she was an air hostess and travelled the world. one day she realised this is it, a life with a family and a husband just isnt for me. i know there is people around me who like to just go with the flow, in a take each day as it comes way. i like making plans. i like visualising my future. i dont see myself married. i want to travel, i want a career. if i can find someone who can compliment me with these plans, who wants to share it all with me, thats great. if not there is so much more to life and im already immersing myself in it.

i love that new aspects of the world reveal themselves each day.
i enjoy my constantly changing perspective.

the cinqueterra, rome.

Posted in europe, travel with tags , on July 20, 2008 by Chloe Partikas

the last few days have been lovely, its so warm in italy.

we went to the chinqueterra yesterday. the trains are SO horrible there – very irregular and always late. we went to to beach at one of the villages and went swimming and im a little burnt eeep, hello tan though 🙂

at 1:30 this morning we got the train to rome and got into rome at 5:40. we then had to get 2 trains and a bus to our accomodation. it was so draining after very little sleep, and the area we are in seemed so scummy. but then we got to our accomodation which is in a big old school, and its sooo nice and has the beach at the back.

im going to go swimming soon,
but just thought id let you all know what ive been up to.

big hugs xxx


Posted in europe, travel with tags , , on July 19, 2008 by Chloe Partikas

First of all, sorry to anyone who got comments or msgs off me yesterday. Prague and i didnt agree so i was in a really bad mood and just exhausted. The people there are so goddamnb rude and it just doesnt make it a pleasnt place to be. But im in Milan now and really like it so im happy again

We got into Milan at about 6pm and didnt have accomodation yet so our first few hours involved waiting and people watching at central station whilst dad found accomodation. There was a drain with air blowing out of it, its so amusing how anything – such as watching ladies dresses fly above their head whilst everyone looks at their choice of underwear for the day – can be interesting whilst youàre waiting.

We went for a walk around Milan after we were settled in our hotel, there is so many whores! One even approached dad later in the night and said “come back to my house and make love to me” and she was disgusting.

Today we went shopping, i got a few jackets etc.Tonight we are going down to the Chinquaterra (i have no idea how to spell it) so hopefully i get to go to the beach lots there

Love love, xxx

austria, prague.

Posted in europe, travel with tags , , on July 17, 2008 by Chloe Partikas

im in prague at the moment, we leave for milan in a few hours.

there is so many sex shops in the cities in europe! on every block pretty much, and solariums.

the rest of austria was really nice, its so pretty there. we stayed in klagenfurt and did day trips.

the first one was to venice which is a very unique city as its built on water, and there is lots of canals. it was sooo busy though, and it was a 32 degree day so very hot.

on sunday we went to bleiburg, a small town on the border of slovenia where our friends have their summer house. we went swimming in the lake there and it was so relaxing, i forgot how much i love swimming. and i am finally getting a tan hehe.
we went there to see my dads friend who he grew up with and his family, and i made friends with his step daughter mona who is probably coming to australia next year.

monday we went to slovenia and it was raining and a bit of a waste of a day, i just slept a lot in the car. although we did go to a big caste on lake bled – the lake was so big and clear blue. so pretty.

tuesday we drove down to prague. that night we explored and yesterday too. i saw a salvadore dali exhibition.

prague is such a strange city. i have never felt more uncomfortable in my life. there is junkies everywhere, and just downright strange creepy looking men who stare at me and maddy in a im-going-to-follow-you-and-rape-you then kill you slowly kind of way and the people arent very friendly.

this afternoon we fly to milan. i hope italy is relaxing as im sooo exhausted! i just want to go to the beach hehe.

i hope everything is going well at home, i miss you all immensely. xxx

berlin part 2, vienna, shopping.

Posted in europe, travel with tags , , , on July 11, 2008 by Chloe Partikas

the last few days i have done so much shopping

firstly in berlin i found two districts which can be likened to greville st and brunswick st, so i got some things inc a vintage leather skirt, and a few pairs of leggings.

and now im in vienna and yesterday i got a few pairs of sneakers, some blue acid wash jeans and a long black hoodie-dress.

its so hot here! yesterday was 27 which is my favourite temperature and today is warming up to 32, although its only about 11am now. its so nice to just be able to wear a skirt and singlet. i feel so free, after being so rugged up in about 5 layers each day in melbourne and still needing to wear warmish clothes in sweden and lithuania hehe.

this afternoon we are getting the train to klagenfurt, which is in the south of austria, and then going to venice tomorrow.

hugs and love xxx

berlin! (part 1)

Posted in europe, travel, Uncategorized with tags on July 8, 2008 by Chloe Partikas

just a quick note from berlin, as im on the internet purely to see where i should spend my next few hours shopping hehe.

we got here around lunch yesterday and i love it as much as stockholm – maybe even more because i can actually communicate with most people and use my german.
ive realised that big cities are my favourite places.

last night i saw die berliner Mauer (the Berlin wall, well what is left of it), the Brandenberg Tor (Gate) and Bundestag.

this morning i went to a castle in Charlottenburg, then to the Film and TV museum in Potsdam Platz and spent a few hours there.

Berlin is so busy yet so orderly! the people are the friendliest out of the places i have been to so far. i feel amazing.

when i was on the train i saw some graffers walk past with spraypaint cans and air masks around their necks, hands dirty with paint. i love that noone even blinked – i wanted to go and see the piece or whatever they had just created!

im off to search for vintage shops now that i found on some berlin blogs.

love and hugs