hello everyone!

im in sweden in an internet cafe, i dont have much time so i thought a blog is the best use of my time. im in a place called Globen, it’s just out of Stockholm.

Europe is amazing, as anyone who has been here would know – and anyone who hasnt, you have to visit one day.

We had 3 flights to get here, melb to hong kong, then a mad rush and run through the airport and on a train to the next flight, then 12 hours to zurich then another mad rush and 2 hours to stockholm. quite amusing as i was freaking out about our luggage being lost, and then my case was the only one that turned up! mum, dad and maddi’s luggage, well it got lost somewhere along the way, and well we got here friday and they got their luggage saturday evening. we went to stockholm on 2 separate days, as we were staying in cottages an hour from the city, in a place called nynashamn. (not sure if that is spelt right)

We saw a moose last night, well 2 actually. on the way home from stockholm i spotted one and then last night we were sitting on our balcony eating dinner and i screamed eeep, and there was 2 in the parking lot haha.

Stockholm is great, i definitely want to go back when i have more time and not with my family so i can explore what i want to see, and go shopping. ive seen some people with such great style. oh and canvas shoes, skinny leg jeans, cardigans etc is the same – a lot of people wearing them – so the fashion isnt much different. i found this jacket in a vintage shop – acid wash with black lace on some of it and so cheap, then when i went back the shop was shut. i was sooo annoyed, so lesson is buy it straight away if i see something i like!

Also, so many pretty girls with long blonde hair and tans (L) and boys…seriously…so many of my dream boys hehehe – skinny, blonde, good style 😀

Tomorrow morning we fly to Vilnius in Lithuania and we are staying with family for a few days, so im not sure when i’ll be able to check myspace etc next. But please keep me updated on what is happening back in Melbourne with comments and messages etc! Also, my phone doesnt work so dont sms me.

Lots of love and hugs and smiles etc etc
I miss you all

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