lithuania was a game of charades,

so im sitting in riga airport in latvia, as we missed our flight at lithuania this morning by 5 minutes, so we had to fly to latvia (where we are now) then wait 4 hours and then we are flying to berlin in germany from here.

in lithuania it was very…sobering.

i met a lot of family i had never seen or spoken to before – great aunts and uncles on my dads side. they were so kind and welcoming, and looked after us so well.
it was like charades because they all speak lithuanian, although a few spoke english and german (my german has been so useful so far ) so it helped a bit. the big family lunch yesterday was interesting though as the majority of the time we had noo idea what anyone was saying.
they fed us sooo much, i actually cant fit into my favourite jeans at the moment. gross.

we were in lithuania for 6 days, and stayed in kaunas where our family lives.
on wednesday we travelled to klaipeda (a seaside town) and stayed in our cousins apartment and went to the beach, and we also went to a castle in trakai from the medieval time and various other places.

there is many soviet buildings around from before freedom times, which is quite depressing as they are grey and it was sad hearing my family speaking about how they were treated during those times. but at least they appreciate the freedom now much more than we appreciate ours, as they have the time before to contrast it with.

anyways i must be off, i miss you all so much!
please continue to keep me updated with goss etc


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