berlin! (part 1)

just a quick note from berlin, as im on the internet purely to see where i should spend my next few hours shopping hehe.

we got here around lunch yesterday and i love it as much as stockholm – maybe even more because i can actually communicate with most people and use my german.
ive realised that big cities are my favourite places.

last night i saw die berliner Mauer (the Berlin wall, well what is left of it), the Brandenberg Tor (Gate) and Bundestag.

this morning i went to a castle in Charlottenburg, then to the Film and TV museum in Potsdam Platz and spent a few hours there.

Berlin is so busy yet so orderly! the people are the friendliest out of the places i have been to so far. i feel amazing.

when i was on the train i saw some graffers walk past with spraypaint cans and air masks around their necks, hands dirty with paint. i love that noone even blinked – i wanted to go and see the piece or whatever they had just created!

im off to search for vintage shops now that i found on some berlin blogs.

love and hugs

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