austria, prague.

im in prague at the moment, we leave for milan in a few hours.

there is so many sex shops in the cities in europe! on every block pretty much, and solariums.

the rest of austria was really nice, its so pretty there. we stayed in klagenfurt and did day trips.

the first one was to venice which is a very unique city as its built on water, and there is lots of canals. it was sooo busy though, and it was a 32 degree day so very hot.

on sunday we went to bleiburg, a small town on the border of slovenia where our friends have their summer house. we went swimming in the lake there and it was so relaxing, i forgot how much i love swimming. and i am finally getting a tan hehe.
we went there to see my dads friend who he grew up with and his family, and i made friends with his step daughter mona who is probably coming to australia next year.

monday we went to slovenia and it was raining and a bit of a waste of a day, i just slept a lot in the car. although we did go to a big caste on lake bled – the lake was so big and clear blue. so pretty.

tuesday we drove down to prague. that night we explored and yesterday too. i saw a salvadore dali exhibition.

prague is such a strange city. i have never felt more uncomfortable in my life. there is junkies everywhere, and just downright strange creepy looking men who stare at me and maddy in a im-going-to-follow-you-and-rape-you then kill you slowly kind of way and the people arent very friendly.

this afternoon we fly to milan. i hope italy is relaxing as im sooo exhausted! i just want to go to the beach hehe.

i hope everything is going well at home, i miss you all immensely. xxx

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