First of all, sorry to anyone who got comments or msgs off me yesterday. Prague and i didnt agree so i was in a really bad mood and just exhausted. The people there are so goddamnb rude and it just doesnt make it a pleasnt place to be. But im in Milan now and really like it so im happy again

We got into Milan at about 6pm and didnt have accomodation yet so our first few hours involved waiting and people watching at central station whilst dad found accomodation. There was a drain with air blowing out of it, its so amusing how anything – such as watching ladies dresses fly above their head whilst everyone looks at their choice of underwear for the day – can be interesting whilst youàre waiting.

We went for a walk around Milan after we were settled in our hotel, there is so many whores! One even approached dad later in the night and said “come back to my house and make love to me” and she was disgusting.

Today we went shopping, i got a few jackets etc.Tonight we are going down to the Chinquaterra (i have no idea how to spell it) so hopefully i get to go to the beach lots there

Love love, xxx

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