progress through distance & strangers.

some people have negatively surprised me whilst ive been away. i now know who the people are who actually care about me. i know which ones are the kind of friendships that arent just convienience friendships, as our friendships compliment each others lives.

i dont hate americans anymore, only the ones who dont leave their country and who believe america is the only valid place in the world. i have met some great americans over the last few weeks, and had a few really deep conversations which have added to my constantly changing perspective on the world.

i met a lady in the laundremat in berlin. she was about 70, bright red hair and never married. instead she was an air hostess and travelled the world. one day she realised this is it, a life with a family and a husband just isnt for me. i know there is people around me who like to just go with the flow, in a take each day as it comes way. i like making plans. i like visualising my future. i dont see myself married. i want to travel, i want a career. if i can find someone who can compliment me with these plans, who wants to share it all with me, thats great. if not there is so much more to life and im already immersing myself in it.

i love that new aspects of the world reveal themselves each day.
i enjoy my constantly changing perspective.

One Response to “progress through distance & strangers.”

  1. I absolutely adored this entry.

    “if i can find someone who can compliment me with these plans, who wants to share it all with me, thats great”

    I know exactly what you mean about having plans, yet not knowing as to whether marriage and the rest of it is necessarily going to have room within it all. It’s amazing isn’t it, the amount of interesting people that there are in this world for us to meet and be inspired by. People that don’t allow themselves to dream and see the world are missing out on so much.

    The frustrating thing is that when you get home and you attempt to explain your experiences to them, they simply won’t understand and eventually you’ll give up and just relive the experiences within yourself and through your writing.

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