italy, and home!

in rome we went on a open air bus tour around the city.
saw the collusseum, st peters, vatican city etc.
the more time i spent in that city the more i loved it.
there is just something about how old and established everything is which makes it somewhat magical.

on tuesday we went to the isle of capri – off the coast of naples.
it is an island of dreams – pure luxury and so picturesque.
we spent 3 days there relaxing ( a welcome change from walking so much and sightseeing like the rest of the trip had been) – swimming and shopping, and we went on a boat cruise around the island which was one of my faviourite things out of the whole holidays.

on friday we returned to rome.
i must say – naples has the craziest drivers out of all of italy.
its like a giant traffic jam!

friday night we went and walked around the collusseum as the sun was setting, and took lots of photos. then just had a big stroll around rome, went to an art market etc.

saturday i went to a flea market and got lots of clothes etc for so cheap!
then that evening the journey home began.

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