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intrigues me greatly.

i know it is a big international centre for money laundering, drugs, basically everything highly illegal.
but hello europe, and the world.

no city is immune to these things, some are just more corrupt than others.

i want to explore moscow,
and st petersburg with the summer and winter palace, and the hermitage.

but most of all i want to be there and immerse myself in the culture,
so i can stop judging and understand their mentality,
and therefore why they have done such terrible things to people in the baltic countries, why they tried to take over georgia, and so on.

i know they are power greedy, and control a massive amount of the worlds remaining oil supplies, whuch makes them powerful, but there has to be more to it…



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i did my first journalism interview yesterday.
i was so nervous, even though it wasnt even with a complete stranger.
but after a minute all my nerves were gone,
and wow – what a good feeling! 🙂

aiming for the eternal fountain of youth;

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we live in a youth obsessed culture; anti-aging creams, fear of the big 3-0, 4-0, not sharing their age, and so on.
wrinkles represent memories and thoughts.
each birthday we are wiser and our eyes have opened up to new aspects of life.
it shouldn’t be scary, rather we should be proud of everything we have accomplished and continue making plans.
i’m not suggesting we waste our youth, i just think we should appreciate each and every age for what it is.

the enemy;

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Sugar detox started today;

This means no avoidable sugar
– no sugar with my coffee or tea
– no chocolate
– no icecream
– no buying orange juice with added sugar
– etc etc.

The first point is painful already.
I hadn’t realised it but over my holiday I became so accustomed to sugar, even the fact we had gelati every day and multiple coffees isnt exactly healthy.

I haven’t set an end date yet, I’m going to take it one week at a time.
I think the complete detox is needed so in the long run I can decrease my total sugar consumption again.

Mmmm, the eternal food game.

vice do’s and don’ts.

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vice dos and donts have to be among the greatest inventions of all time;

“Everybody still complaining about skinny jeans needs to wake up to the fact that some of us are just a little better at marketing the goods.” 

so he was a dont right…but i find him really sexy… 

but this., my favourite for the day:

“Tits at the gay pride parade are a dicey proposition because you want to soak them up with your eyes but you also can’t be sure if they were just stitched on by a surgeon last week, right after she had her dick chopped off.”


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i really like glitter of late.
it keeps inhabiting my dreams and outfit plans etc etc.
its such a happy thing.
mmm glitter.


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it will never fail to amaze me the power that our minds have over our bodies.
for example, when i am stressed i get so tired, my immune system goes down and i feel so irritable.
or when im nervous, i get butterflies in my tummy. if its bad nerves sometimes i get headaches.
everything is so interconnected!