the enemy;

Sugar detox started today;

This means no avoidable sugar
– no sugar with my coffee or tea
– no chocolate
– no icecream
– no buying orange juice with added sugar
– etc etc.

The first point is painful already.
I hadn’t realised it but over my holiday I became so accustomed to sugar, even the fact we had gelati every day and multiple coffees isnt exactly healthy.

I haven’t set an end date yet, I’m going to take it one week at a time.
I think the complete detox is needed so in the long run I can decrease my total sugar consumption again.

Mmmm, the eternal food game.


2 Responses to “the enemy;”

  1. I hate sugar. Mostly because I know I’m addicted to it.

  2. admittance;

    i think i am too.

    i hate this stupid food game and exercise game and that even though i think in the end i will live longer than most non exercisers (unless i die of unnatural causes)…the fact that i am eternally fighting this obesity thrust upon me by my genes. urgghh. dfjslkdjfldksfjdslkf.

    it could be worse though…my pre destined thing is managable…

    i dont think there is a history of diabetes in my family or anything like that…hmmm.

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