intrigues me greatly.

i know it is a big international centre for money laundering, drugs, basically everything highly illegal.
but hello europe, and the world.

no city is immune to these things, some are just more corrupt than others.

i want to explore moscow,
and st petersburg with the summer and winter palace, and the hermitage.

but most of all i want to be there and immerse myself in the culture,
so i can stop judging and understand their mentality,
and therefore why they have done such terrible things to people in the baltic countries, why they tried to take over georgia, and so on.

i know they are power greedy, and control a massive amount of the worlds remaining oil supplies, whuch makes them powerful, but there has to be more to it…

3 Responses to “russia,”

  1. I am desperate to go to Russia. I just know it’s something that is waiting for me to discover it.

  2. next year, weekend trip to moscow?! xo

  3. As long as we go to St. Petersburg too!

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