i have always loved tartan.

i was so excited when i saw it in the european fall/winter 08-09 collections,
so i have been enjoying it over our spring and will into the summer 🙂
oh the joys of melbourne’s 4 seasons in a day!

note to self: i must intensify my continual search for amazing tartan pieces before all the fashionistas start planning their autumn/winter 09 wardrobe, and it ends up in every second fucking chain store and i will have to put it all away for a few years. sigh.

by the end of this week i want to have secured myself a pair of red tartan tights, and im on the lookout for a shirt but i know that it will be much harder to find.

2 Responses to “i have always loved tartan.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I agreeeeeee
    I found a couple of skirts and grabbed them last month
    Let’s go hunting 🙂
    i lvoe you ahhaha

  2. yayyyyy

    a fellow tartan lover. eeeee (L)

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