Was such a fun night!

The whole day was great actually…

I had lunch with Tay after her english exam,
Bought red tartan tights,
Saw red tartan cape and fell in love with it,
Hung out with Luke,
Got the red tartan cape from speed boy girl,
Worked at the call centre,
Vicki was sitting near me so we chatted and laughed the whole 4 hours 🙂

Then went to tess’s and got all costumed up.
We looked amazing i must say hehe.

Photos props to Tess.

Noise was so much fun, I am glad that now I’ve finished uni for the year (well after Thursday) I’ll be able to go quite often and just be really sketchy at work Saturday hehehe.

Thank you to everyone I saw Friday, it was the best day/night I’ve had in a long time!

3 Responses to “Halloween:”

  1. Best best best night. I love dress ups. I had so much fun with you honey. Sorry for pawning that German girl onto you but my german…is not so good!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    that is soooooooo good!
    you look so hot
    tres impressed
    love lauren.

  3. its ok! i loved talking to her! we chatted in german for ages and sometimes i’d forget a word but she’d help me hehe. and cuz i was drunk i wasnt thinking about all the mistakes i was making i just felt so happy speaking it! xo

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