Mind consuming obsession.

Leather, Lace, Black (Anything). Tartan, Perfume, Imprinted tights.
Red lipstick; for the effect of whiter teeth. Heels to add elegance & height.

All i can think about lately when my mind wanders is outfits, I really love getting dressed each day. My wardrobe is bursting at the seams. I’m sick of prospective relationships which don’t work out, rather clothes don’t let me down. I’d rather date my sheer black long sleeved shirt than waste more effort on unfulfilling crushes.
At first I was a little embarrassed at this realisation, but I have come to see it’s quite logical.


2 Responses to “Mind consuming obsession.”

  1. hiya chloe! its jess (i followed your link from facebook).

    clothes are pretty much all i think about too. its kinda bad. i make myself happy with shopping. oprah thinks this is bad. i think oprah’s just mad coz she cant wear anything cute even though shes got all the money in the world to buy marc jacobs ready to wear….but she cant wear it!
    sucks to be oprah.


  2. Hehehe so true. I wish she would buy some and send it our way! xo

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