Extract from Michael Herrs “Kubrick.”

Herrs shows how society and the media has warped the generally accepted meaning of something else… Dreams:

"Stanley always spoke of movies as dreams, dreams about dreams, including daydreams and nightmares (although I don’t think he ever spoke of them as only dreams), and never made any distinctions – this is the kind of materialistic I think he really was – between a dream and a vision.
But the very word "dream" and the activity it represents, have become gruesomely devalued by television, where when they speak of dreams they mostly mean some forlorn wish they want fulfilled, feel entitled to have fulfilled, something grossly material equally impossible, nothing like a dream at all."

This led me to realise why so many movies turn out to be a dream, because dreams often don’t make sense, and therefore the directors don’t need to explain everything in the film either. Hmmm.

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