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The Pedestrian Project.

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Created by New Yorker Artist/Costume Designer Yvette Helin, these models were dispered through New York and carried out their day-to-day activites alongside NY citizens.

Discovery props to Trend. Land .


Denim and Necklaces.

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So we’ve been ahead of the pack the last few months by wearing the denim jackets we’ve salvaged from the back of our cupboards again…

My overflowing wardrobe means I need to stop buying clothes, so I think I’ll redirect my energy into jewellery for the moment.

I just bought these online at




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I’m really starting to understand that timing holds more power in life than it appears to.
ie. When we meet people in our lives often determines what part we play in each others lives.

19th Birthday Week.- Falls Festival and 3rd Class.

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I know this blog is a few days late but oh well.

First of all, thanks heapppsss to everyone who I saw during my birthday week.
I had the best birthday week ever.

Falls was great, even though it rained a lot it was mostly at night. The cold weather had a few benefits though; the toilets didn’t smell as bad as they have other years, or so i’m told, because it wasn’t so hot.

Oh and monday night the top came off our tent, the waterproof part, so i woke at 6am to dripping on my face and had to wake one of the other girls to help me put it on. And also the marquee had collapsed and the poles of the marquee were scraping across the windows of the people’s car next to us, because it was really windy.

I saw Augie March, British India, Tame Impala, Tegan and Sara, Faker, The Kooks, Gameboy Gamegirl, Grafton Primary, Seagull, Cut Off Your Hands, Architecture In Helsinki, Santogold, The Grates, Gomez and Franz Ferdinand (Also amazing 🙂 :)) And yes I had to look at the program to remember them all haha. The only regret I have is not seeing Soko, but I was on the other side of Falls at the time and time got away from me.

Then we came back (birthday day), I didnt sleep, and went to 3rd closing party and was there from 10:30 pm thursday to 9am monday. supposedly people were still there at 5pm friday!

Lomo and Polaroid photo props to Tess and Dani.

Caitlin, Me and Dani setting up…(Note how energetic we look)

Me and Caitlin:


The Grates:

Me, Alex, and Miranda:

Dani, Kate and I on the onlysunny day of Falls (NY Eve):

Tess and I on NY Eve:

Train into 3rd closing party:

6am Friday…Still at 3rd watching the sun come up:

Sadie at Jon’s farewell BBQ in Edinburgh Gardens: