Denim and Necklaces.

So we’ve been ahead of the pack the last few months by wearing the denim jackets we’ve salvaged from the back of our cupboards again…

My overflowing wardrobe means I need to stop buying clothes, so I think I’ll redirect my energy into jewellery for the moment.

I just bought these online at




2 Responses to “Denim and Necklaces.”

  1. oh my god i want both of those
    where’d you get them?
    also, going to be mia from music and most other things for the next few weeks…just got an apartment so i need to put all my money towards furnishing and paying my mum back for the bond. but i will let you know when i’m next out.

  2. I got them off a site which I’ll facebook you cuz I don’t want everyone to get them haha.

    Ohhh good luck with all of that. Which date do you move out?


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