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Inner City Waste opening night.

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So finally there is a replacement night for 3rd Class refugees to go to; Inner City Waste.

The night started off on a bit of a low, because they didn’t open until an hour after was planned, so there was super long line.
Then, the air con wasn’t working and it was like a big sauna inside.

At around 1:30, (when some people left and everyone had got over their initial frustration) the night picked up and turned into one of my favourite nights out, ever.

PostPercy’s DJ set rescued the night. He played so many of my favourite songs, including Tom Vek and The Rapture.

“You’re the best thing that’s happened to me in the last year”

Super babes;

We stayed until close then kick-on’s in Carlton Gardens followed in the hot hot day;

Look at the necklace I found on the ground!

Jacqui’s brilliant idea;

🙂 🙂 🙂


Oh Kate,

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"When I once asked Moss…why she liked going out so much, she flashed those Naughtiest Girl in the School eyes at me and said, shruggling: ‘There are things that happen at night that would never happen in the day….’
What a gift it is to dive into the night, to let yourself go, to give yourself up for a few hours, to the relentless pursuit of nothingness."

– UK Harpers Bazaar.

Cookie Monster Cupcake.

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Especially for Dani, Tess and Mim.

This made me think of all of your cupcake and cookie baking talents;

Nom, Nom, Nom.

(I came across this on a Flicker..)

Lust lust lust.

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I want Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. It’s fucking ridiculous because I nearly bought a pair of look-alikes from Wittner the other day, as they are the closest I could get to them/afford at the moment. I didn’t end up buying them as they are much too high to wear to any place where I have to stand up for more than 5 minutes.

His structural designs make him individual, which especially in regards to shoes is such a rarity, as they must be moderately wearable.

Lust, Lust, Super Lust;

Here is the man behind these amazing creations: