Red Riders – Drown In Colour (2009)

To be completely honest, (and like many other interweb savvy’s) I hardly ever buy CD’s these days. If I do, I generally support Australian artists. My last 3 albums purchases illustrate this – Sia Colour The Small One, Reptiles Smell My Skin and Red Riders Drown In Colour.

3 weeks after the purchase and Drown In Colour is still on repeat. I listen to it through at least every day.

Red Riders sound is distinctly Australian. A listen from beginning to end takes you on a journey of unplanned afternoons drinking pots in pubs in Melbourne’s Fitzroy and Sydney’s Newtown, of lust and hurt, of regret, of learning and adventures.

Colloquialisms such as “and its goes, and it goes, and it goes” uttered in Alexander Grigg’s accent add to the song vignettes of everyday life in Australia.

Drown In Colour is a quality exploration of casual Australian living.


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