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Melbourne Spring Fashion Week – Runway 2.

Posted in fashion with tags , on September 5, 2009 by Chloe Partikas
Spring – the season of colour and excitement, where Melbournians style arises from the depths of darkness and coats into the flower of frocks and slivers of skin, has sprung in Melbourne with MSFW taking place at various locations around the city.
On Sunday I helped at the fittings for Runways Shows 2 and 3.
Originally I was helping designer Dhini but I ended up helping everyone doing things from labelling shoes to organising outfits into sections. I also helped backstage dressing models at the Wednesday evening Runway 2 shows (6:30pm and 8:30pm) at Melbourne Town Hall.
Backstage with the beautiful Melbourne based model Tessa.
MSFW - Backstage with Tessa at Runway 2
Here are my favourite looks from the show…
Thanks to fashionising for the photos!
Dhini Couture
Blazer lust.

Dhini Couture


I want this leotard so much.

Gorman - I want this leotard sooo badly.

Ginger & Smart

The kite is so playful.

Ginger & Smart - The kite is so playful.

Kirrily Johnston

Wearable from breakfast dates to deep into the night, with only a sliver of eyeliner or lipstick required to adapt the outfits for different occasions.

Being a native Melbournite, I will always love black.

Kirrily Johnston

Kirrily Johnston - I will always love black and layering.