Massive Attack at Sydney Opera House Forecourt.

When in Sydney this week for the 2010 Frocomm New Media Summit, I managed to sneak in some time to go and see Massive Attack at the Sydney Opera House forecourt.

I had been waiting to see them since I was 11; when an 18 year old family friend played them to me. That was the moment I learnt that the music world was bigger than what I was listening to on Fox FM and that this strange sound known as Trip-Hop existed!

Massive Attack were an important influence on me during the years I did contemporary dancing, I loved to choreograph narratives to their unpredictable noise. They have always helped me cope with stress, and to escape to a mental world of daydreaming that is away from reality and a land of possibilities.

The venue of Sydney Opera House was so appropriate, two icons came together – THE Australian building which is known around the world, and the masters of Trip-Hop.

The Sydney crowd did not dance as much I was expecting, but I boogied away and let myself be completely absorbed by the live Massive Attack experience.

As soon as they began playing a hush fell over the audience, we were all transfixed by their presence.

I was thoroughly exhausted after their two hour set, but my spirit and lust for life was fully recharged.

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