3rd International Pillow Fight in Melbourne

About 300 people attended the 3rd International Melbourne Pillow fight that was held in Carlton Gardens this evening.

Everyone I spoke to had heard of the event via facebook, and I asked a few people why they came to the event.”To release years of pent up aggression!” , “the playfulness” and “it’s a dream come true, of course! Everyone has had a giant pillow fight dream!” were some of the replies.

The crowd was filled with all kind of people. Some had dressed in gym gear, ready for an intense pillow fight, and others had dressed in capes, Doc Martens and brightly coloured tutus, in the spirit of frivolous fun.

It was all in the spirit of good fun, and here are some snaps…

Once pillows started breaking, there were feathers everyone and “hold your breath when you go in!” was the general advice.

Someone  uttered, “it’s a northern hemisphere Christmas… of snow feathers!”

Here’s all my photos: flickr page of photos

One Response to “3rd International Pillow Fight in Melbourne”

  1. The red devil Says:

    I missed this with a few days… 😦 damit…

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