London, there is something about you that draws me in.

For the last few years I have felt London is pulling me over there. Moving over there, even just for a few months, is something I need to do.

First semester next year I only have one subject and I would like to go over to London to do an internship. The media industry is enormous in the UK as it is one of the capitals of western civilisation. I would love to learn about how Public Relations and communications in the UK / Europe differs to Australia.

London blogs including Style Scout and London Kicks keep me going until I can be there myself. So much street style originated in the UK and looking at London posts on lookbook also keeps me focused on my goal, and doing what I need to to achieve it.

I feel the need to give props to this babe I saw on Style Scout today:

I think about Europe nearly every day. I miss Berlin and want to go out in the dance music capital of the world, I want to explore Stockholm further and absorb the Swedish’ seemingly effortless style. Having a base in London would allow me fairly easy access back to these places.

This year I’ve taken a step back from partying and adventuring, and my theme of 2010 is planning and hard work. It sounds dry and unexciting, but I am really enjoying my subjects and want to do well as at 3rd year university level, a big step up in time commitment and intelligent thinking is required to fully absorb subjects and equip myself for my career.

Planning, planning, planning. Oh passion for Public Relations and travel, how you absorb my mind.

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