The seemingly never-ending search for perfect ankle boots.

I have been searching out perfect (and affordable on a europe-2011 budget) ankle boots for months. Rosemount Australian Fashion Week shoe porn consumption depeened this lust into a need, and it has taken over my thoughts.

The king of tough leather goodness, Rick Owens, has created the below versatile boots. Oh how I wish I could spare £757.57  = $1,263.62 AUD to spend on beautiful Rick Owens leather wedge ankle boots.

(available for purchase on net-a-porter, image via polyvore)

Also, even though my toes may get a bit chilly in winter, I have extreme lust for these Opening Ceremony Wedge Shoe Boots.

(Available from asos for £270.00 = $448 AUD)


I ended up discovery Jeffrey Campbell shoes – fashion forward and contemporary designs at a highly affordable price.

I now have in my posession the JC:



I wear them both quite often and they are so comfortable. The hidden platform at the front of both is the key to comfort!

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