Style / Life Progression

As I mature into life and goals become clearer, I feel my sense of style is settling settle down. After years of one day dressing like a 4-year-old and the next a biker, I feel that my wardrobe is slowly becoming succinct.

I recently took the plunge into ebay land (yes, years late, I know) and it forced me to consider every item in my possession and whether I desire it to be included in my current and future outfit choices.

The staples of my current style are faux fur, lace (which has played a large part in my dressing habits over the last year), sheer fabrics, statement jewellery, red shirts and red lipstick.

I am becoming more comfortable with my body shape as I grow up and am finally embracing my curves.

Above and below are snippets of my outfit that I wore to my talented sisters dancing concert tonight, and a demonstration that you can feel confident and stylish in an outfit bought on a saving-for-European-adventure-number-two budget.

(I got distracted and forgot to ask someone to do a full outfit photo so sorry for the fragments)

Asos Clog Heels

Black tight dress (worn under shirt) : Sportsgirl $20 on sale
Black sheer collared shirt, size 14 and worn oversized: Savers $10
Cream bow & pearl necklace: £8 =$13.10 AUD
Lace tights: Topshop £10 = $16.40 AUD
Black patent heel clogs: ASOS £25 (on sale) = $41 AUD
I also wore my faux fur coat that is not pictured: Savers $25


One Response to “Style / Life Progression”

  1. playroomfancy Says:

    those shoes are SO hot.

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