Rosemount Australian Fashion Week – a reflection

It has taken me over a week to craft this blog entry, since returning from my volunteer role at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, because I needed to let my thoughts process in their own time and settle.

Backstage at Zambesi, captured by Sonny Vandevelde

Backstage at Zambesi, captured by Sonny Vandevelde

I will not go into an in depth analysis of the shows, as there are many reviews all over the internet. If you haven’t had a chance to read much about RAFW, a session browsing The Vine , Australian Vogue , Frockwriter Frockwriter RAFW Photo Gallery, Sonny Vandevelde’s backstage shots and the Fashionising coverage of the shows will bring you up to speed on the amazing creations that have been devised for Spring / Summer 2011.

Rather I am writing a reflection, on how RAFW 2010 has influenced my current life and my understanding of the fashion world.

RAFW was very different to the other three fashion weeks I have been involved with; Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Those three festivals are targeted at consumers, most shows have tickets available for the public to buy, and the shows display how garments that are already in stores can be styled and worn.

RAFW is a media and delegate only event. It is the only fashion festival of this type in Australia. You must apply to be a delegate, or be invited by the designers or the RAFW team as a guest. It is the first time Australian designers show their Spring / Summer collection and most items do not go on sale until many months later. Depending on the reception by the audience and reviews, some garments do not even go into production.

Backstage at Sara Phillips, Captured by Sonny Vandevelde

Backstage at Sara Phillips, captured by Sonny Vandevelde

Backstage at the RAFW is much crazier than the consumer targeted fashion events. There is a very large amount of media around; taking photos, filming and interviewing the people involved. I had never been personally involved in anything with such extreme media involvement before and had tingles throughout the week at the thoughts that if I continue to consistently work hard and keep myself focused on my Public Relations career goals, in the future I could be involved in planning and carrying out such an amazing event. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from the people at the forefront of the Australian fashion industry, and feel honoured to have been allowed to be involved – however small my dressing and ushering parts were!

Throughout the week, Fashion Editor of Vogue – Meg Gray – transfixed my attention. She is such a shining presence amongst the fashionista’s, many who look so miserable.

Meg Gray

Meg Gray, Fashion Editor of Australian Vogue - captured by Tommy Ton

I came away from RAFW with two amazing friendships, which have already become an important part of my life –  Sydney based Amy and US born Dana, who is currently living in Aus. I have volunteered with Amy previously at MSFW and LMFF. We just clicked with Dana on our first shift,  and it made the week so much more enjoyable.

Myself, Amy & Dana backstage at RAFW

Myself, Amy & Dana backstage at RAFW

I have already caught up with Dana – she is visiting Melbourne at the moment and on Saturday we went to a fashion seminar at Melbourne Museum with Playroom Fancy’s Lauren, where  iSpyStyle ‘s Kate informed and inspired the audience about the Melbourne Fashion Industry.

Thank-you to IMG and Miro House for allowing me to be involved in RAFW 2010, I really appreciate it.

I will leave you with my favourite and the most interesting looks from the week, all captured by Sonny Vandevelde as I love backstage photos

(Click the image to be taken to the backstage gallery for that show)

Zambesi captured by Sonny Vandevelde


Zambesi, I have a weakness for white shirts

Zambesi, I have a weakness for white shirts

Lucette, I also love the grunge of leather

Lucette, I also love the grunge of leather

Dion Lee, this dress has intrigued ties at the front which hang so delicately

Dion Lee, this dress has knots and ties at the front, which hang so delicately

Romance Was Borns eccentricity

Romance Was Born's eccentricity and amazing use of colour

Romance Was Born

Romance Was Born

The much discussed Romance Was Born volcano

The much discussed Romance Was Born volcano

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