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Posted in PR, Sydney with tags , , on June 29, 2010 by Chloe Partikas

For the past week I have been interning with the Public Relations department of Sydney Opera House in a PR, communications and marketing role.

I feel so privileged  to be here; learning from the PR and marketing team that includes some of the most sought after jobs in the country. The office atmosphere is energetic, and thrives on creativity, efficiency, communication and ideas.

Thanks to Ross Monaghan for the photo.

I am working on the Spring Dance project, which will occupy the Opera House for most of September.
Anyone interested in dance should definitely make a trip up, more details here. I will be coming up for a weekend with my talented dancer sister Maddy, to see as many shows as we can.’

I never thought I would spend so much time on facebook, twitter and blogs during my internship but alas – social media is where the eyeballs are and my skills have been quite useful. I also, surprisingly, used my basic German language knowledge.

A benefits of the project is that I am spending a lot of time thinking about spring, and in the depths of a cold winter thoughts of spring warm the heart. Spring represents growth and renewal.

I am a planner, and have had to teach myself to enjoy the present rather than always focusing on the future (as what is the point of planning amazing things if when you’re there you’re not mentally there?!)

This internship has provided me with more proof that PR is for me – an industry where planning is a daily task because your team understands how important it is for the sustainability of your organisation, product or event.

I have nine days of internship left and am going to continue to make the most of every minute.

Lastly, I will leave you with a tumblr discovery which addressed my nerves pre-internship.

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Uffie and her babein’ curves.

Posted in music on June 8, 2010 by Chloe Partikas

Uffie never fails to take me back to 2006, when I first heard ‘Pop The Glock.’  Her cheeky lyrics and carefree attitude combined with her sweet voice drew me in instantly – it was everything I aspired to as a 16 year old.

Uffie also reminds me of fun times with my friend Jane, who I danced, partied and adventured with. Much dancing and pre-party psyching ourselves up happened to the soundtrack of  ‘Hot Chick’ and ‘Ready To Uff.’

Uffie’s new married life to Parisian artist Andre has not diminished her cheekiness or in-your-face attitude. Rather, he complements her perfectly.

I love her new babein’ curves, highlighted in this shoot with her husband by I-D magazine.

Tumblr v. WordPress Blog? No, Tumblr and WordPress Blog.

Posted in inspiration on June 1, 2010 by Chloe Partikas

As a self confessed internet junkie I also have a tumblr . My blog is for my own experiences, dreams and thoughts. My tumblr is for inspiration, motivation and appreciation of the beautiful things in life.

Here are my most favourite tumblr discoveries recently;

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I must teach myself into feeling this more, as often I feel so focused on tomorrow/next year/my career that I can’t seem to bring my mind back into now.

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Finally, this always makes me smile, as I love cats and meowing.

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