Tumblr v. WordPress Blog? No, Tumblr and WordPress Blog.

As a self confessed internet junkie I also have a tumblr . My blog is for my own experiences, dreams and thoughts. My tumblr is for inspiration, motivation and appreciation of the beautiful things in life.

Here are my most favourite tumblr discoveries recently;

(via gypsylove: loveyourchaos * )

(via saintsandliars: bakedboxers: blua)

I must teach myself into feeling this more, as often I feel so focused on tomorrow/next year/my career that I can’t seem to bring my mind back into now.

(via papertissue)


(via ready-able:mollywas:useyoureyes: Leanne Surfleet)

Finally, this always makes me smile, as I love cats and meowing.

(via lomticks: jaquilina: smileforthepaparazzieverywhere)

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