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Why I don’t like shopping IRL.

Posted in fashion, shopping on July 26, 2010 by Chloe Partikas

Yesterday I went shopping for a dress for my aunty’s wedding. I was in the city after work so visited the usual city spots for pretty dresses – Green With Envy, Fat, Alice Euphemia, various stores at GPO, Myer, David Jones.

I had a realisation that I REALLY DO NOT LIKE SHOPPING IN THE REAL WORLD….Well, for things such as shoes and clothes. (Underwear and groceries are exceptions)

I now understand why the stereotypical man does not like shopping. It is tedious and often not fruitful! I have always despised shopping ‘malls’ – hubs of uncreative consumerism and recycled air. If I did NEED to shop IRL, I have chosen shopping strips for a much nicer vibe.

Photo credit to Milo

I really so prefer online shopping, and here is why:

  • There is no tired and hungover shop assistants poorly attempting to help you when you know they just want a big fat burger to cure their hangover but their size 6 ass is scared of the thought of one gazillion calories.
  • The ones who aren’t hungover are generally rude or careless anyways.
  • Online is generally cheaper.
  • No crowds online.
  • I can shop online whenever I want, and for however long I desire – whilst in my pajamas and wrapped in a doona.
  • It is easy to make a custom list of desired items on many sites (such as ASOS and ebay), have a think then come back and buy later when I’ve made a decision as to if this item will really benefit my wardrobe.
  • Claustrophobia does not exist in cyberspace. I find many physical stores either feel too crowded with items or large in size that I just feel overwhelmed whilst I’m in there.
  • The constraint of having to consider how you will carry everything home. Online shopping has no such limits!
  • Online stores are not messy – well not the ones I regularly visit! I hate walking into a store that (to me) doesn’t seem to be laid out right and has the wrong coloured items together. (OCD – I know)
    Although bad web design exists, I can shy away from those websites with a click of a button.
  • There is a higher chance of obtaining items that every other stylish Melbournian does not own.
  • And finally – I really enjoy arriving home to parcels.
    Online shopping is a twice over feeling of satisfaction – 1. when I purchase the item and 2. when it arrives in the mail.

Yes there is the aspect that perhaps the item bought online will not fit right, but there is always a sewing machine coupled with creativity to fix that.

The positives of online shopping definitely outweigh the negatives of IRL shopping.

My one exception to this is vintage – I love an afternoon spent ‘thrifting’ (Dana taught me this term) and looking through second hand items. When I find something amazing (generally a piece that is actually well made – from back when more people valued quality over quantity) it feels like I have found the pirates treasure. I pay the few dollars and then make my way home, feeling quite content.

I prefer to make time in my busy schedule for my dear friends – drinking coffee or wine in Melbourne’s alleyways – rather than unenjoyable scouring of stores and wasting away hours on unfruitful shopping quests.

From now on online comes first, and I will avoid IRL shopping as much as I can.

Cyberspace – Thank you for showing me the (better) alternative for garment and show discoveries and fashion ROI.


Shechter’s Political Mother – Review.

Posted in Dance, Sydney on July 5, 2010 by Chloe Partikas

On Thursday night I attended the opening of  Hofesh Shechter’s Political Mother in the Drama Theatre at the Sydney Opera House.

I saw the 60 minute long contemporary dance piece as a comment on politics throughout the 20th century. It was intense and unpredictable. I got chills all over my body at some points and jumped out of my seat twice – exactly how contemporary dance should make the audience feel!

Shechter uses levels and space to their full potential. He really understands his dancer’s bodies inclusing their abilities and limits, and uses bodies to convey strong emotions and narrative.

There was four groups of characters – the civilians, drummers, rock musicians (similar the Rage Against the Machine in the political language that their bodies conveyed) and a dictator.

The piece made me feel uncomfortable at times and I was transfixed by the way the dancers portrayed emotions.

The strongest image was of a pair holding each other tightly in what appeared to be a desperate war situation, shaking near uncontrollably but sharing what strength they had left to keep each other alive.

Shechter has raised the benchmark in what audiences expect of contemporary dance.

Political Mother is not for the faint hearted – it is thought provoking and a must see for dance and theatre lovers who enjoy being shocked and engaging their senses.

Hofesh Shechter & ABC Classic FM studio visit.

Posted in PR, Sydney with tags on July 1, 2010 by Chloe Partikas

Hofesh Shechter is an Israeli choreographer currently based between Brighton and London in the UK. He is in Sydney with his dancers who are performing Political Mother at Sydney Opera House from tonight until Sunday.

This morning Claire (head publicist here and my internship supervisor) and I took Shechter to ABC studios in Ultimo. He was interviewed on the Classic FM show ‘Mornings With Margaret Throsby’, which runs from 9:05am until 11am on weekdays. He was on in the slot from 10:05am until 11.

The show involves Margaret chatting with the personality and in between they play a few of their favourites songs. Shechter chose to programm Verdi’s Requiem, Tom Waits Innocent When You Dream, Evyatar Banay Yesh Li Sikuy, Pink Floyd Darkness and Sigur Ros Untitled #1 (Aka Vaka).

Shechter’s responses to Margaret’s questions were very thoughtful. He doesn’t separate his “existence as a musician (he was a drummer) and choreographer” and his dancers take a classical ballet class each week to “strengthen their bodies”.

The podcast of the show is available here.

The visit was informative and opened my eyes to the world of broadcast radio. On my first year work experience with Transurban I visited the ABC headquarters in Melbourne, but I was not inside the actual studio and only there on for a brief amount of time.

This time I sat next to the Producer and watched him controlling the technical side of the broadcast. It was insightful to see how the Presenter and Producer communicate, with their own signals and facial expressions whilst the program is live on air.

Tonight I am attending the opening of Political Mother. After reading it described as ‘intense’ , ‘thrilling’ and having a sneak peak on YouTube I am pretty damn excited!

Images courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald.