Hofesh Shechter & ABC Classic FM studio visit.

Hofesh Shechter is an Israeli choreographer currently based between Brighton and London in the UK. He is in Sydney with his dancers who are performing Political Mother at Sydney Opera House from tonight until Sunday.

This morning Claire (head publicist here and my internship supervisor) and I took Shechter to ABC studios in Ultimo. He was interviewed on the Classic FM show ‘Mornings With Margaret Throsby’, which runs from 9:05am until 11am on weekdays. He was on in the slot from 10:05am until 11.

The show involves Margaret chatting with the personality and in between they play a few of their favourites songs. Shechter chose to programm Verdi’s Requiem, Tom Waits Innocent When You Dream, Evyatar Banay Yesh Li Sikuy, Pink Floyd Darkness and Sigur Ros Untitled #1 (Aka Vaka).

Shechter’s responses to Margaret’s questions were very thoughtful. He doesn’t separate his “existence as a musician (he was a drummer) and choreographer” and his dancers take a classical ballet class each week to “strengthen their bodies”.

The podcast of the show is available here.

The visit was informative and opened my eyes to the world of broadcast radio. On my first year work experience with Transurban I visited the ABC headquarters in Melbourne, but I was not inside the actual studio and only there on for a brief amount of time.

This time I sat next to the Producer and watched him controlling the technical side of the broadcast. It was insightful to see how the Presenter and Producer communicate, with their own signals and facial expressions whilst the program is live on air.

Tonight I am attending the opening of Political Mother. After reading it described as ‘intense’ , ‘thrilling’ and having a sneak peak on YouTube I am pretty damn excited!

Images courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald.


One Response to “Hofesh Shechter & ABC Classic FM studio visit.”

  1. Paper Aeroplane Says:

    This show sounds so interesting! You’ll have to blog all about it 🙂

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