Shechter’s Political Mother – Review.

On Thursday night I attended the opening of  Hofesh Shechter’s Political Mother in the Drama Theatre at the Sydney Opera House.

I saw the 60 minute long contemporary dance piece as a comment on politics throughout the 20th century. It was intense and unpredictable. I got chills all over my body at some points and jumped out of my seat twice – exactly how contemporary dance should make the audience feel!

Shechter uses levels and space to their full potential. He really understands his dancer’s bodies inclusing their abilities and limits, and uses bodies to convey strong emotions and narrative.

There was four groups of characters – the civilians, drummers, rock musicians (similar the Rage Against the Machine in the political language that their bodies conveyed) and a dictator.

The piece made me feel uncomfortable at times and I was transfixed by the way the dancers portrayed emotions.

The strongest image was of a pair holding each other tightly in what appeared to be a desperate war situation, shaking near uncontrollably but sharing what strength they had left to keep each other alive.

Shechter has raised the benchmark in what audiences expect of contemporary dance.

Political Mother is not for the faint hearted – it is thought provoking and a must see for dance and theatre lovers who enjoy being shocked and engaging their senses.

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