Why I don’t like shopping IRL.

Yesterday I went shopping for a dress for my aunty’s wedding. I was in the city after work so visited the usual city spots for pretty dresses – Green With Envy, Fat, Alice Euphemia, various stores at GPO, Myer, David Jones.

I had a realisation that I REALLY DO NOT LIKE SHOPPING IN THE REAL WORLD….Well, for things such as shoes and clothes. (Underwear and groceries are exceptions)

I now understand why the stereotypical man does not like shopping. It is tedious and often not fruitful! I have always despised shopping ‘malls’ – hubs of uncreative consumerism and recycled air. If I did NEED to shop IRL, I have chosen shopping strips for a much nicer vibe.

Photo credit to Milo

I really so prefer online shopping, and here is why:

  • There is no tired and hungover shop assistants poorly attempting to help you when you know they just want a big fat burger to cure their hangover but their size 6 ass is scared of the thought of one gazillion calories.
  • The ones who aren’t hungover are generally rude or careless anyways.
  • Online is generally cheaper.
  • No crowds online.
  • I can shop online whenever I want, and for however long I desire – whilst in my pajamas and wrapped in a doona.
  • It is easy to make a custom list of desired items on many sites (such as ASOS and ebay), have a think then come back and buy later when I’ve made a decision as to if this item will really benefit my wardrobe.
  • Claustrophobia does not exist in cyberspace. I find many physical stores either feel too crowded with items or large in size that I just feel overwhelmed whilst I’m in there.
  • The constraint of having to consider how you will carry everything home. Online shopping has no such limits!
  • Online stores are not messy – well not the ones I regularly visit! I hate walking into a store that (to me) doesn’t seem to be laid out right and has the wrong coloured items together. (OCD – I know)
    Although bad web design exists, I can shy away from those websites with a click of a button.
  • There is a higher chance of obtaining items that every other stylish Melbournian does not own.
  • And finally – I really enjoy arriving home to parcels.
    Online shopping is a twice over feeling of satisfaction – 1. when I purchase the item and 2. when it arrives in the mail.

Yes there is the aspect that perhaps the item bought online will not fit right, but there is always a sewing machine coupled with creativity to fix that.

The positives of online shopping definitely outweigh the negatives of IRL shopping.

My one exception to this is vintage – I love an afternoon spent ‘thrifting’ (Dana taught me this term) and looking through second hand items. When I find something amazing (generally a piece that is actually well made – from back when more people valued quality over quantity) it feels like I have found the pirates treasure. I pay the few dollars and then make my way home, feeling quite content.

I prefer to make time in my busy schedule for my dear friends – drinking coffee or wine in Melbourne’s alleyways – rather than unenjoyable scouring of stores and wasting away hours on unfruitful shopping quests.

From now on online comes first, and I will avoid IRL shopping as much as I can.

Cyberspace – Thank you for showing me the (better) alternative for garment and show discoveries and fashion ROI.


One Response to “Why I don’t like shopping IRL.”

  1. Totally agree with you. I prefer shopping online for shoes and clothes too. The only thing I miss about going into a clothes store is being able to feel the fabric with your hand. Oh and the fact that prices are displayed in Aussie dollars… I always forget I’m buying in US dollars in most online stores and only realise when I check my bank balance 😦

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