Splendour In The Grass 2010.

For it’s 10th birthday Splendour In The Grass music festival shifted from Byron Bay to Woodfordia.

The organisers wanted to do something big, to share the SITG spirit with as many music lovers as possible, so shifting from Byron to Woodfordia allowed for double the tickets – from about 15’000 to 30’000.

Woodfordia is a thoughtfully laid out site purpose built for festivals, in particular the Woodford Folk Festival held over New Years each year. The Amphitheatre (main stage) holds about 20’000 people, and the music sounded so great wherever you were. Images of standing right at the back of the Amphiteatre and looking down at everyone dancing during Pixies ‘Where Is My Mind’ will stay with me for the rest of my life.

SITG is the biggest multi day festival I have ever attended. From what I’ve heard, 40% of the tickets were event only the rest included camping. We had event only tickets and stayed with friends in Caboolture, about 40 minutes drive away. It was so great to have a shower each morning and a bed to sleep in, but I did miss being able to duck back to the tent for mid afternoon naps!


I saw Foals in Melbourne a few days prior, and only caught the end of their set at SITG. Luckily they changed their set list for the festival and the three songs I heard were some of favourites, including ‘Electric Bloom’ and ‘Olympic Airways’.

I don’t know much of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club‘s music, but they put on a hell of a good show! They’re how a rock band should be.

Hot Chip were enjoyable although the Mix Up tent at SITG was dissapointing. I saw them at Big Day Out last year and it was pure magic. I always stand in the same position when seeing a band I love – right at the front barrier, and a little to the left to avoid the mosh. I am short, so it is the best place for me, plus I love beingso close to the artists.

Standing in this position in The Mix up tent meant I was right in front of the speakers. The music was definitely above legal limits; it was so loud that anyone standing there felt that the music was pressing on their throat and chest. I have never had so much fear of my eardrums bursting and I couldn’t breathe properly, so after threesongs we went further back in the tent.

Needing to move further back killed some of my excitement; I pay to be close to bands – otherwise I could just watch a DVD in my loungeroom and not have to put up with the crowds!

LCD Soundsystem was a great dance session. We all jumped around and got really sweaty, exactly how it should have been. The only dissapointment was that they didn’t play ‘Dance Yourself Clean’.

Scissor Sisters, oh my, something special. Ana Matronic is SUCH a babe. She has lost 12 kg’s in the last few years and is looking steamin’ hot. Scissor Sisters were my band of 2005. I discovered them after listening to CD’s lying around at my cousins, and they showed me the power of disco.

Scissor Sisters

Every morning before school I needed to listen to them, or believed I would have a bad day. I nearly danced my legs away from my body during ‘Comfortably Numb’ and the finale of ‘Filthy /Gorgeous’.


Day 2 we discovered Ibeefa. It was a tiny lake with a boat in the middle and everyone danced around it. DJ’s from the Bang Gang crew played.


Florence and The Machine sounded glorious. Florence Welsh looked like an absolute angel in a white lace dress, and due to being down the back she even appeared to have wings!  Her strong and powerful voice carried through the Amphitheatre and I could hear it loud and clear whilst standing half way up the hill.

Florence Welsh, Florence and The Machine
(via LifeLounge)

The crowd of about 20’000 people for Florence and The Machine

The Strokes were the headliner of Saturday. They filled the Amphitheatre to capacity well before they even began playing, and security blocked anyone else entering (which left a lot of fans who has hoped to sneak back from Art Vs Science quite irritated).

Julian Casablancas, The Strokes
(via LifeLounge)

During The Strokes set I realised why I have never loved The Strokes. Julian Casablancas’ voice moulds into the music in many songs, and it is hard to decipher thelyrics. I like lyrics!

They put on a great show though, they are one of the ultimate rock bands of our time. Plus, J. Casablancas is a mega babe.

We finished off the night with a visit to the Tipi Forest, which as you probably guessed – has a heap of tipi’s around the edges that you can dance in, or you can dance to the DJ in the middle of the field.

Tipi Forest


Final day of Splendour and I had to push through my extreme exhaustion. I felt like I was running on a 70 year old’s energy reserves.

Three seperate bag checks and a heated with the discussion with the third security guard left me so frustrated and feeling like a child being disciplined (no, I wasn’t smuggling booze in – I only had my water bottle.)

Relaxation on the hill next to the GW McClennan calmed me back down and put me into music mode.

The boys from Melbourne – Whitley played at SITG as part of their last tour ever. I felt a bit proud at the crowd they had gathered, and they sounded beautifully Melbourne.

I was really looking forward to a mega dance at Passion Pit in the Amphitheatre but was massively dissapointed. Michael Angelakos’ vocals were not very strong, so we left after three songs to venture off to Kate Nash. I hear they fixed the sound after we left but I do not regret my decision to see Kate Nash at all.

Kate Nash was even more beautiful than I remembered her at Big Day Out 2008, when she played a early afternoon slot and dazzled the crowd with her wit and cute British accent.

Kate Nash

This time the air seemed much denser – filled with emotion. I shed a few tears of joy during ‘Merry Happy’. I don’t even remember the last time a song has made me cry. It reminded my of why we are alive – to feel emotions, to LIVE!

Alison Goldfrapp took us on a journey. She made up for her tiny five foot frame with energy and her powerful vocals. She seemed to fill the stage, someone could have told me she’d grown to 10 feet tall and I may have believed them. She was wearing patent black leather f*** me boots, and an oversized black sparkley jumper dress. I felt elated. ‘Ride A White Horse’ and ‘Strict Machine’ cemented the reality of my journey to planet Goldfrapp.

Veteran 80’s rockers Pixies (who took a break from the mid 90’s to mid naughtie’s) were the final act of SITG.

‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’ got everyone moving and the final two songs ‘Where Is My Mind’ and ‘Here Comes Your Man’ unified the audience in a sigh of relief and satisfaction at being a part of SITG 2010.

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