90’s child, 90’s tunes.

Blog readers, you and I are both aware of my negative feelings towards Sunday nights. It’s something about the week just on the horizon and the excitement of the weekend being over…Sunday night and I have always had a strange relationship.

On this particular Sunday night, I was searching for new music to inject excitement into my week which will be filled with assignment writing and work, average weather and not much else until Friday.

I went to the trusty Pitchfork website, and staring back at me was this little milk carton and a very attractive message…

The Top 50 Music Videos of the 1990s

Oh YES!  Hello! I am a 1990 child (I missed out on the 80’s by 13 and a half hours), take me back to when I would listen to my little red radio and make mix tapes on cassettes!

As the 90’s were mainstream internet times (ie. pre being able to download or YouTube search any song- which was created by three former PayPal employees in 2005 – if you were interested), music clips were one of the most effective and important tactics for music publicists.  There were no websites, facebook pages or twitter for artists to use to portray their image and the lifestyle surrounding their music. It was the few minute long clip, and whatever publicists could get into the print and broadcast media.

My favourite clips from watching many of the Pitchfork Top 50 Music Videos of the 1990’s are;

Massive Attack – Protection

I love the co-inhabiting nature of all of the characters, and the reminder that we’re not alone.

A Tribe Called Quest [ft. Leaders of the New School & Busta Rhymes] – Scenario

The feel good classic rap narration of life, when it was accepted to rap about things other than guns and sex and still be taken somewhat seriously.

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

The ultimate grungy teenage angst soundtrack. TBH I don’t remember this as a child, but it definitely takes me back to my mid high school ‘fuck the world’ attitude filled years.

Foo Fighters – Everlong

The only Foo Fighters song that I actually like. This reminds me of teenage mega crushes, bus rides to and from school, and daydreaming through class about certain boys. It also shows something that I know now – most things in life aren’t what they seem. This is backed up by the similarities to Norman Bates in Hitchcock’s Psycho at the end, as with Hitchcock – nothing is ever as it first appears!

Blue – Coffee + TV

Persistent milk. Captivating. Enough said.

And finally…

Daft Punk – Da Funk.

Because this showcases New York, is a classic and Daft Punk were pioneers in the electronic dance music movement.

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