Having a new years day birthday means that I can directly attribute ages to years.

As I look back on this year of being 20 I think of adventuring, fun, friends, love and learning.
I also think of hard work; academically and emotionally.

This year I;

As 2010 was about hard work and building the foundations for my future, I hope 2011 will involve some of my hard work paying off… A lot of opportunities have arisen this year and doors have opened, I want this to continue and I am determined to continue to work my ass off for it.

The current plan for 2011 involves a 14 week solo European adventure, moving to a new house, finishing my university degree and applying for (and hopefully obtaining) my first full time PR role.
2011, show me what you’ve got.

One Response to “2010.”

  1. What an awesome year! Happy 2011 to you!

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