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WANDERLUST; Teufelsberg

Posted in europe, germany, travel with tags , , , , on April 28, 2011 by Chloe Partikas

In the hills of Berlin there is a mountain called Teufelsberg which is 80 metres above the city. On the mountain there is an abandoned American spy base.

Dani and I rode the train to Grunewald bahnhof.

The quaint town of Grunewald met us on our exit from the station. Although not far from central Berlin, the architecture and manner of the locals is very traditionally German.

After buying snacks and beers we embarked on the half hour trek through suburbia and up through the forest to Teufelsberg.

Until recently it was illegal to be in the abandoned spy base premises, but laws never stopped true adventurers.

We were under the impression that it would be easy to get in, yet recent deaths combined with a student now conducting approved weekend tours around there meant that all of the previous holes in the fence have been sealed up and there is rolled barbed wire all along the top.

We could hear loud techno and minimal electronic music playing which got us excited for the prospect that one of these famous Teufelsberg raves we had heard of was happening.

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WANDERLUST; Southern Holland

Posted in europe, the netherlands, travel with tags , , , on April 27, 2011 by Chloe Partikas

I decided to take a stop outside Amsterdam during my week long visit and I did a day tour of Southern Holland.

That Sunday there was a marathon in Rotterdam, so the tour guide advised us that instead of visiting Rotterdam we would be have a rare tour through one of the government buildings in The Hague.

Well…drama followed. A selfish grown man decided it was in his rights to cause a scene and yell and scream because he had “paid to go to Rotterdam”. Half an hour later (we had been stationary the whole time) the tour company decided we would go ‘by’ Rotterdam. Everyone except the awful man’s friends groaned. I was disgusted by this man’s selfishness, as the tour operators were obviously doing their best in circumstances beyond their control. He also not only wasted half an hour of his own time and the tour guide’s who he was arguing with – but also of the other 40 passengers. It proved to me that everyone does not in fact grow out of their selfish teenage ways.

After the drama subsided the day turned out to be quite lovely – the sun was shining over the countryside and I made friends with two Spanish girls.

We visited a clog and cheese factory.

The owner demonstrated their cheese making process followed by the clog making process. He explained that farmers still wear clogs as they keep their feet warm and dry, and that clogs must be purchased one size bigger than normal for ease of wear.

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Posted in europe, the netherlands, travel with tags , , , on April 20, 2011 by Chloe Partikas

Amsterdam is a very strange city. If you described it to someone who had never heard of it they would probably think you had made it up. I mean, a place with the following features surely cannot exist;

  • over 100 km of canals in the inner city,
  • marijuana is legal and sold in shops with menus about the different types and strengths,
  • prostitution is legal and the sex workers pay tax – like any other profession,
  • bikes everywhere on the streets and pedestrians are second to bikes.

The fact is – this place is real and exists, and most importantly – works quite well. Dutch people look so contented and peaceful.

A beautiful bike I fell in love with;

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Posted in belgium, europe, travel with tags , , , on April 14, 2011 by Chloe Partikas

Antwerp seems to have greedily taken all the culture that Brussels was entitled to – and everyone who visits is so grateful for this.

As with all old European cities, the centre square – Grote Markt – is absolutely beautiful, but also brimming with tourists so the immediately surrounding area doesn’t give much of a glimpse into the every day life of Antwerpians!

Antwerp is brimming with stylish babes of all ages and you can feel the fashion buzz in the air when you walk around the Latin Quarter.

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Posted in belgium, europe, travel with tags , , , on April 8, 2011 by Chloe Partikas

I spent three nights / two full days in Brussels, and wouldn’t recommend spending any longer.

The architecture in Brussels is elegant and intriquite, but everything else about Brussels is too dull and subtle for my liking.

The central square – Grand Place / Grote Markt – is intensely beautiful and imagining ancient battles taking place here is a powerful visual.

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WANDERLUST; Manchester.

Posted in england, europe, travel with tags , , , , on April 1, 2011 by Chloe Partikas

My fascination with Manchester began at 17 when a friend showed me the film 24 Hour Party People. It’s about the Manchester music scene (AKA ‘Madchester’) in the 80’s and early 90’s, and what went wrong with the Hacienda night club.

Last Friday I went on a Manchester Music walking tour, led by drummer of the Inspiral Carpets; Craig Gill. Inspiral Carpets were around at the same time as The Stone Roses and Noel Gallagher from Oasis was their roadie!

Standing on the site where the Hacienda nightclub used to be, and thinking all the amazing nights experienced there, sent shivers up and down my spine.

My favourite DJ – Laurent Garnier – was part of the Madchester scene and is included on the timeline on the back of the building, which charts the growth through to the collapse of the Hacienda.

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