I spent three nights / two full days in Brussels, and wouldn’t recommend spending any longer.

The architecture in Brussels is elegant and intriquite, but everything else about Brussels is too dull and subtle for my liking.

The central square – Grand Place / Grote Markt – is intensely beautiful and imagining ancient battles taking place here is a powerful visual.

Grand Place at night:

Even the famous Manneken Pis is quite small! The following pictures display how someone dresses him in a different outfit each day.

I made friends in the hostel with a lovely gay Canadian Greg. After wandering through the ‘art gallery’ area yet finding no open art galleries, we excitedly went to the gay neighbourhood thinking we could at least find some fun there. Yes it was a Wednesday afternoon, but like the rest of Brussels – it felt dull and empty.

At around midnight that night we went back with an English friend we’d made a had a dance at Cafe Centraal.

When in a fancy dress shop trying on masks we were sternly told off by the owner.

When in the Renee Migritt museum I was told off for drinking water whilst I wasn’t even in the exhibition – I was just about to cloak my bag, and also for standing too close to the the glass.

Brussels should come with a warning that you will be treated like a child!

Sadly, most redeeming features of Brussels induce rapid weight gain.

Brussels is famous for delicious fries with mayo and waffles. They are both very, very delicious.

Delirium cafe holds the Guiness World Record for the largest variety of beers available; over 2000. They have a beer catalogue and I picked by closing my eyes as there was too much choice for me to be consciously decisive.

I stayed at the 2go4 Quality Hostel. It was very clean and modern, but somewhat strange as they closed the common area between about 1pm – 4:30pm and between 11pm – 7:30am. Annoying if you just want to have a quiet night of beers and chats in the hostel without going out to a bar, and also frustrating if you are having trouble sleeping – as my dorm mate was due to jetlag – because there is nowhere to go and sit.

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