WANDERLUST; Southern Holland

I decided to take a stop outside Amsterdam during my week long visit and I did a day tour of Southern Holland.

That Sunday there was a marathon in Rotterdam, so the tour guide advised us that instead of visiting Rotterdam we would be have a rare tour through one of the government buildings in The Hague.

Well…drama followed. A selfish grown man decided it was in his rights to cause a scene and yell and scream because he had “paid to go to Rotterdam”. Half an hour later (we had been stationary the whole time) the tour company decided we would go ‘by’ Rotterdam. Everyone except the awful man’s friends groaned. I was disgusted by this man’s selfishness, as the tour operators were obviously doing their best in circumstances beyond their control. He also not only wasted half an hour of his own time and the tour guide’s who he was arguing with – but also of the other 40 passengers. It proved to me that everyone does not in fact grow out of their selfish teenage ways.

After the drama subsided the day turned out to be quite lovely – the sun was shining over the countryside and I made friends with two Spanish girls.

We visited a clog and cheese factory.

The owner demonstrated their cheese making process followed by the clog making process. He explained that farmers still wear clogs as they keep their feet warm and dry, and that clogs must be purchased one size bigger than normal for ease of wear.

We went ‘by’ Rotterdam and had a photo stop at the harbour.

A visit to the Delft pottery factory followed. One of the workers explained and illustrated the unique Delft process.

I had a lovely lunch with my new Spanish friends in Delft town the sunshine, next to this clock tower.

We drove through The Hague and saw all of the important governement buildings.

Our final stop was to Madurodam – a miniature village with 1:25 scale models of all the important places in The Netherlands.


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