On Easter weekend Beate took me to Potsdam to visit the castles and palaces.

The train trip from Berlin takes about 40 minutes so on a sunny day where you feel like getting out of Berlin it is an appealing option.

Even though Potsdam lies in the former East Germany and the communist ideology is against monarchy and inequality, the East German government kept the palaces and grounds well preserved during the time that Germany was split in two.

Walking around the well maintained grounds makes you feel like a princess (who has lost her horse and carriage.)

You have to wear big slippers over your shoes to protect the floor. I slid around and got mean glares from the security guards but oh it was so fun pretending to be a child again.

Because it was the ‘off season’ only the guest house of the palace was open. I’d like to go back for a picnic and to go inside some of the larger palaces.

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