WANDERLUST; Vintage shopping in Berlin


Frankfurter Tor 3
Frankfurter Tor – U5
See the website for other locations

I visited the Frankfurter Tor store which is five floors of second hand and vintage goodness.

The top floor is my favourite – it is divided into different areas including 90’s, 80’s and DDR.

The prices are very reasonable. Shirts on the bottom floor start at 3 euros each and then on the top floor dresses start at €12. The large ridiculously extravagent 80’s and 90’s dresses start at €25 per dress.

For €20 I purchased a 90’s style button up singlet dress that flares from the waist and a dark blue lace collared shirt.


Ahornstrasse 2
Nollendorfplatz – U1, U2, U3 & U4

Garage is a medium sized vintage store in Berlins Charlottenburg district. They have other stores but this particular ones is the biggest. Yvonne took me to the xyz store – which is split in half; one side has priced vintage pieces, the other side you pay by weight (€14.99 per kg.)

For those of you who know me in person, you will know I love mesh and lace.
I purchased a perfect cream cropped mesh and lace shirt for only €10…

…and blue lycra leggings for €8.


Pappalallee 10
Eberswalder Straße – U2

Tragfläche is a small store in Preuzlauer Berg. It stuck in my mind from my visit in 2008 and I was not dissapointed upon my return.

I purchased a black leather skirt with elastic in the waist (rare but essential with for maximum comfort during long party nights) and green panels in the front and back and a long sleeved black velvet top, all for €34.


Eberswalder Straße 21
Eberswalder Straße – U2
See the website for other locations

There is two stores next door to each other, one male and one female. Their specialty is vintage boots, but there is also a substantial variety of vintage clothing and bags hanging all over the store. When inside, the racks of shoes go right up to the ceiling and I love their use of space. It makes you feel like you are in a vintage shoe wonderland.

Jumbo Second Hand

Wiener Straße 63
Görlitzer Bahnhof – U1

The Jumbo in the name isn’t very accurate but the store is worth a mention for their large selections of vintage shoes and boots, starting from 40 Euros, including many unique styles that I had never seen before. They do also have a small selection of clothes and bags too.

Mauerpark Flea Market  (Sundays only)

Bernauer Strasse 63-64
Halfway between Bernauer Strasse – U8 and Eberswalder Strasse – U2

Every Sunday between 10am – 6pm there is a flea market in Mauerpark. (I will post a separate post about Sundays in Mauerpark soon.)

Due to being in Berlin for a few weeks, I decided to buy a bike.

Meet Ralph;

He was only €60.  My friends negotiated with the stall holder and when I returned it I got back €25. €35 for two weeks is a pretty good deal, considering the cheapest bike rental I saw in Berlin was €5 per day.

You can buy nearly anything you want at the flea market; watches, bags, jewellery, clothes and furniture.

My favourite Mauerpark purchase; a vintage leather backpack for only €25.

Happy shopping readers and I’d love to hear of your vintage finds when you visit Berlin!


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