WANDERLUST; Vegetarian eateries in Berlin

Berlin has a large variety of vegetarian restaurants and cafes that serve up yummy food for very reasonable prices.

Here are my favourites…

Yoyo Foodworld

Gärtnerstraße 27, Friedrichshain
Samariterstraße – U5

Everything here is vegan. This may conjour up thoughts of colourless and dull lentils glued together with mashed potato, yet the Yoyo team prove this wrong. They make delicious burgers that may fool you into thinking you are actually eating meat or chicken. They also make home made chips and desserts including tiramisu.

Burgers start from €2.99. Here is the current menu.

Café V

Lausitser Platz 12, Kreuzberg
Görlitzer Bahnhof  – U1

Café V is opposite a park, off Skalitzer Straße.  The waitress was not particularly attentive but the food made up for her lack of care.

The  €10.20 pasta pockets were cooked perfectly and filled my tummy up just the right amount. 


Erkelenzdamm 49, Kreuzberg
Between Prinzenstraße – U1 and Kottbuster Tor – U1 + U8

Viasco is also in a relaxing setting – across from a park. The waiters are attentive without being annoying and the cuisine is dense and hearty.

I had gnocchi with vegetables accompanied by red wine, and it cost €12.50 in total.

Café Morgenrot

Kastanienallee 85, Preuzlauer Berg
Eberswalder Straße – U2

Visit Café Morgenrot between 11am and 3pm on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday for the breakfast buffet.

For €12 to €15 (you pay what you can afford within this range) you can help yourself to fresh fruit, antipastos, dips, salads, yoghurt and cereal. Coffee and juice is included in this price.

At other times the menu is limited, although I did have quiche there one afternoon which was only €3.


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