WANDERLUST; A perfect Sunday in Berlin

A perfect Sunday in Berlin includes meeting friends for breakfast at around 2pm, at a café such as Anna Blume, and then venturing to Mauerpark in Preuzlauer Berg until sunset.

Mauerpark is a park alongside where a section of the Berlin Wall was between 1961 and 1989.

I have written previously about the flea market. It is great for spotting beautiful Berliners enjoying their Sunday whilst purchasing some cheap and ununual vintage clothes, accessories and furniture.

From about 2pm until sunset there is karaoke in the amphitheatre. On sunny days there is quite a large crowd.

Some singers are awful, some seem to have to been partying all weekend and sway around the stage whilst slurring…

…others are just enjoying their 15 minutes of fame…

…some are very cute….

..and then every now and then someone is absolutely amazing and the whole crowd goes silent, transfixed by their presence.

Here is one of my favourite youtube videos of MauerPark karaoke, because the girl dancing in the leotard is just having so much fun.

The final Sunday that I was in Berlin a French electro duo comprising of two French boys, a drum kit, speakers and a Mac were playing in the park.

So many people were dancing and there was such a fun vibe in the crowd.

Everyone sits around on the grass drinking beers and purely enjoying life.

A visit to Mauerpark is the perfect end to the weekend.

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