WANDERLUST; Why I love Berlin

I love Berlin because it’s accepting, quirky and makes me feel good. As soon as you arrive it kisses you on the mouth, places a cheap beer in your hand and tells you you’re a mega babe – but only if you have your own unique sense of style and show that you’re dressing for yourself.

Berliners really respect people who are doing what they want, because they want to, and they despise anyone telling them what to do. To anyone living to fulfill others needs Berlin says “Don’t waste your time purely existing! Wake the fuck up and live! ” – and yes, that bluntly.

The suburbs of Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg have the highest concentration of eclectic individuals and are the areas with the best cafes, bars and nightlife.

Friedrichshain is my favourite area because at any time of the day or night you can find somewhere to dance, drink, eat cheap yet delicious food and the atmosphere is really chilled out yet exciting because new places to hangout are opening every day.

My favourite bar is called Süß War Gestern, which translates to ‘cute is so yesterday.’ It is around the corner from the first hostel I stayed in and whenever I walked past there were animations being projected onto the walls and windows, to a soundtrack of the dj mixing minimal techno and electro. I could have sat in there for hours staring at the light fittings and intense art on the walls.

I was lucky to meet two very wonderful ladies – Yvonne of JustTravelous and Nicole who works at VisitBerlin – at Travel Bloggers Unite in Manchester. Upon my arrival to Berlin they opened up their arms and schedules, and took me to their favourite places so I could have a truly Berlin experience.

Nicole has the coolest job, ever. For nearly 10 years she has worked in the press office at VisitBerlin, showing journalists from around the world Berlin. Between living in Berlin her whole life and working for VisitBerlin, Nicole knows every square centimetre of Berlin really well.

One Friday Nicole took us to her favourite hotel, Michelberger in Friedrichshain, for a family style meal. The hotel’s decor is vintage and 60’s style. I tried white asparagus for the first time and it was absolutely delicious. We made friends with two ladies sitting next to us, Beate and Stephanie. We then all went out to dance.

According to the Resident Advisor website, Berlin’s Berghain is the best nightclub in the world. It is in an old power plant and the sound is crystal clear. It gave me a new appreciation for perfect sound systems.

The club has a reputation for having a uber strict door policy so you have to play their game. If you want to get into Berghain here is my advice;

  • don’t go with more than two other people,
  • don’t speak in the line and if you do only speak in hushed German voices,
  • no cameras, and
  • dress like you’re going out to dance.

Girls, if you’re wearing a top and pretending it’s a dress you won’t get in. Boys, if you’re wearing your work suit or dress shoes you won’t get in.

We went at about 3am and the line wasn’t very long. I’ve heard the best time to go is at 8am Sunday, when all of the hardcore Berghain partiers are there.

Berghain only wants people who are there for the music and who love to party.
Once you were in they will speak to you in English (I replied in German because I was enjoying this ‘getting into Berghain’ game.)

The fact they sell Berghain t-shirts at the cloak room shows that even though they pretend they only want Berliners in there, travellers are welcome as long as you’re there for the music and to have a great time.

I was lucky enough to be in Berlin on May 1st which is May Day. May Day is traditionally related to anarchist protests. After attending Mauerpark for the last time this trip I hung out with two Swedish boys and we went to the May Day open air rave in Kreuzberg. Even though it felt like there were more riot police than people in some places, everyone was partying in the streets and we danced until the late hours of the morning. Berliners can and do turn anything into a party ❤

I just love Berlin so much. I cried at the station when getting on my train to Copenhagen, it felt like I was leaving a boyfriend behind – yet Berlin is much better than a boyfriend as it doesn’t infringe on your freedom or make you compromise! Berlin loves you for doing what you want.

Berlin is the home of my soul and I will be back soon armed with much better German language skills. I promise.


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  1. I haven’t been to Berlin, but a friend of mine spent years there and frequently sings its praises 🙂 I would love to visit.

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