WANDERLUST; Copenhagen

I went to Copenhagen to visit my friend Jane, who is studying nursing there for the semester.

Copenhagen is a typical middle European city featuring bikes and cobblestone streets yet it doesn’t seem to have any unique features.

I struggled to see why so many people count Copenhagen as a must see city, or maybe it was because I’d just come from my one true love (Berlin).

I really enjoyed having quality time with Jane chillaxing and exploring.

My favourite area of Copenhagen is Christiania. It is a micro nation, has its own laws and is similar to Amsterdam in that that the atmosphere is very relaxed and marijuana is easily available on Pusher Street.

We also went to Tivoli Gardens – an old school theme park in pretty gardens.

Glitzy lights always make me so happy.

I’m not a thrill seeker so (embarrassingly) my favourite ride was the fairy tale one, which gives you an express tour through fairytales over time complete with cute little models.

Jane took me to a restaurant called RizRaz that has a vegetarian buffet.

A whole bowl of hommus = heaven.

On a sunny beautiful spring day we rode to a super cute American style diner – The Dee Diner.

I’ll leave you with a photo I took whilst relaxing after visiting Christiania.

One Response to “WANDERLUST; Copenhagen”

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