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WANDERLUST; San Sebastian

Posted in europe, spain, travel on June 17, 2011 by Chloe Partikas

After our hectic tour and Barcelona visit we decided to go to San Sebastian, near the border of France, to chill out and soak up some sunshine and beach vibes.

There are three main beaches in San Sebastian; Playa de la Concha, Playa de Ondarreta and Playa de la Zurriola. Continue reading



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The highlight of Barcelona is the Gaudi architecture.

He designed and built Park Güell in Barcelona – a perfect place for a picnic and architectural feast.

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I met up with mum in Madrid and two days later we started a one week tour around Spain.

The Spanish fields.

We went to six cities and it was the most hectic week I have had since I began my trip. Here are my favourite photos and moments:

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Life slowed down once I arrived in Portugal.

It was a warm humid night and riding through the city in a taxi confirmed that I’d reached the chilled out part of my holiday. I had been away from home for nine weeks but arriving in Lisbon meant it was time to properly unwind and gear up for the European summer.

The Portuguese are kind and relaxed with a very witty sense of humour.

I explored Lisbon on the first day with two South Africans I’d made friends with at breakfast.

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I visited Stockholm in 2008 on my first Europe trip. Since then, the memory of the grand harbour flashed in my head every time I felt that “I need to get away and fulfil my wanderlust longing A.S.A.P” pang in my heart (and gut).

Stockholm was where, at 18 and whilst drowning in the unreasonable and illogical emotions most just-out-of-highschool teenagers feel, I first felt inner peace and became truly excited for life. I remember the moment so clearly; sitting in the central square in the Gamla Stan and it dawned on me – I alone am responsible for my own happiness. It sounds silly, and obvious – duh – we control our own thoughts which leads to our overall contentment with life and so on, but I’d like to think I grew up five big steps in that moment.

This Bob Moaward quote explains it perfectly:
“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey.” 

Fast forward to May 16, 2011 and I arrived at Stockholm Central station from Gothenburg. Upon getting out of the train a big grin spread across my face, it was ridiculously humid but I didn’t care because I owed this city a big thank-you.

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WANDERLUST; Gothenburg

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Sweden is a beautiful and elegant country with dense forest.

Gothenburg (Göteborg in Swedish) is a city on the west side of Sweden that is small enough to be explored entirely by foot. It has been likened to Melbourne, in that it is the country’s centre of art, music and culture. Upon learning that The Knife, The Tough Alliance and José González all came from Göteborg proved to me that I needed to visit this city.

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