WANDERLUST; Gothenburg

Sweden is a beautiful and elegant country with dense forest.

Gothenburg (Göteborg in Swedish) is a city on the west side of Sweden that is small enough to be explored entirely by foot. It has been likened to Melbourne, in that it is the country’s centre of art, music and culture. Upon learning that The Knife, The Tough Alliance and José González all came from Göteborg proved to me that I needed to visit this city.

I only spent two nights and one full day in Göteborg.

The Swedish stereotype of blonde and babein’ is true of Göteborg. Nearly everyone is extremely beautiful and well dressed in simple and well cut clothes. My heart skipped a beat every time I turned the corner due to the high percentage of beautiful men and women.

I visited the Konstmuseum (Art Gallery) and there was an exhibition exploring art created by females, and the contribution female Swedish artists have had in the male dominated Swedish art world over the last century.

The Sucker (1989) by Ingrid Orfell

The Choir Project (2004 – 2005) by Tilda Lovell. The characters take it in turns to sing in the video playing on the screen behind.

Seconds in Ecstacy (2010) by Cajsa Von Zeipel

At the vegetarian café Hagabion, which is part of the cinema and theatre complex at Linnégatan 21, I had the best soy cappuccino that I’ve had my whole time in Europe. When the waiter brought it out to me he said “is it up to your high Australian coffee standards?!” So very cute. Upon chatting I found out the coffee was great because he’d learnt his barista skills from a Kiwi and Australian couple who own a cafe nearby.

I came across a small vintage store Emmaus at Linnégatan 9 which was dense with desirable and affordable pieces.

I stayed at Backpackers Goteburg which is near the main cafe and bar area. The beds were very comfortable and the kitchen was spacious and well equipped. As it was mid week another Melbourne girl and I got to share a 5 person dorm.  It’s always nice to have space, especially during long periods of living in hostels.

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