I met up with mum in Madrid and two days later we started a one week tour around Spain.

The Spanish fields.

We went to six cities and it was the most hectic week I have had since I began my trip. Here are my favourite photos and moments:


Pirates influences in the decoration of the Cathedral-Mosque in Cordoba.

Seville – the beautiful Plaza de España. There is a square for each county of Spain.

If only I was child size so I could have bought a flamenco costume!

A traditional Spanish bull ring in Seville.

The Moroccan area of Granada.

The Alhambra Palace and Gardens – a must visit for anyone going to Southern Spain.

View over Granada from the Alhambra palace.

A gypsy style flamenco show in a cave in the hills of Granada.

They hang kitchen utensils from the roof to “aid the acoustics”.

We didn’t spend long in Valencia and then our tour concluded in Barcelona – where we spent four days after that. My next post will be about the very lively Barcelona.


One Response to “WANDERLUST; Spain Tour”

  1. Beautiful colourful photos. Love the skull and cross bones.

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